We make transformation to Cloud Infrastructure successful!

The NFV Challenges

Provide the required performance/reliability/availability for VNFs.

Reach production scale operation.

Secure clear responsibilities between NFVI and VNF vendors.

What we can do for you

SW product: Touchstone is a Test Suite manager provided with thousands of automated test cases with focus on NFVI testing.

Consulting: Transformation to NFV in 8 Logical Steps (V8LS), to help organisations transform into an efficient way of working with NFV. From procurement and all the way to Life Cycle Management. 

Technical consulting: Includes benchmark of an NFVI, specification of KPIs and SLAs, Test Case development, OpenStack & Linux expertise

Education: VoerEir has developed courses in NFV relevant technologies. 1 - 3 days workshops

Transformation To Cloud Architecture

Testing, verification, procurement and Life Cycle Management. Our focus is on the demarcation point between the NFV infrastructure and the VNFs

Latest white paper

KPI-validation and SLA monitoring in context of troubleshooting/isolating VNFs’ performance issues.

The base for VoerEir’s NFV strategy for identifying performance responsibilities between vendors in the age of NFV is the following statement; “Verify that your NFV-Infrastructure fulfils its performance KPIs, and it becomes VNF vendors’ responsibility to fulfil their....