Our Story

The year was 2012. The telecom industry was wrapping its head around the new idea of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and its effect on simplification and speeding up the process of adding new network functions and applications. Three years later, in 2015, the telecom operators were still struggling with the challenges of onboarding the virtualized applications (VNFs) on commodity hardware.

Like John Adams famously said, "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise." A team of former Ericsson executives took it upon themselves to solve this problem. They came together in 2015 to form a start-up called VoerEir (literally Viking Gods of Knowledge and Unification) and started to work on addressing the challenges with VNF onboarding. The company has worked since with research and development to create a market leading software product with name Touchstone that lets telecom operators locate, fix and eliminate the pain points in their carrier-grade cloud environments.

With Touchstone, VoerEir has been able to help many of the tier-I telecom operators worldwide with testing and troubleshooting to improve their telco cloud. Appreciated by many leading carriers in the industry, VoerEir has established itself as a credible and reliable partner in the transformation of the industry from legacy solutions to cloud-based NFV architecture.

Our Mission

The team at VoerEir is a combination of experienced and young professionals alike having many years of experience in working with NFV, Telecom application development and OpenStack. We have continuously collaborated with the open source communities, universities and major industry players in furthering our goals of providing the industry with an end to end automation tool and expert consulting for smooth transformation to a cloud-based architecture.

Our focus is to continue to develop an industry-leading offering consisting of Test Automation, processes and know-how, that will help cloud transformation projects; reduce cost, risk and time to successful implementation.

We address a global market, has offices in Stockholm and Delhi, and has partners in South and North America, in Africa, in Europe, and Australia. Together we cover the globe.

NFVI Challenges

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a critical technology that is driving the transformation of Telecom Networks. The vision of NFV is to move Telecom Application Software from vendor-specific platforms, to run as pure software applications, (Now called Virtual Network Function, VNF) on top of one or a few instantiations of shared cloud infrastructure.

It is this cloud infrastructure we call "Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure" (NFVI). NFVIs are today typically based OpenStack cloud management SW and KVM as hypervisors, eventually moving to Kubernetes and docker containers. An NFVI solution is a quite complex solution, containing SW from between 15 and 20 different Opensource communities, and HW from several different vendors. Solution integration is, therefore, a substantial task, and the resulting Infrastructures can have quite a significant variation both in functionality and performance characteristics.

The above described gives the Operator three new challenges that must be addressed:

  • How can a VNF vendor promise performance/availability/reliability in the RFQ phase, if he has not tested on top of the NFVI that will be used?
  • When a VNF doesn't perform, how to handle middleman position between NFVI and VNF vendor?
  • How to handle the life cycle of an NFVI with upgrades and expansions?

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