Taking control of performance

Touchstone offers the capability to benchmark and evaluate the performance of edge sites. Several KPIs can be tested using touchstone to give the performance snapshot of your edge site. Test your edge site for infrastructure performance, API compliance, security score, robustness and many more areas. Touchstone also support ETSI MEC and Intel's OpenNESS framework.

Edge KPIs

Different edge site have different infrastructure and platforms. The capabilites of an edge site need to be identified and defined. These capabilities need to be defined in termns of KPIs. VoerEir is leading and driving a Linux foundation project under Akriono umbrella, Kontour, to define the edge KPIs and simplify the onboarding of edge applications.

Edge Site verification

Use touchstone to test your edge site with agreed KPIs. Make it a continuous process by integrating with touchstone's rich REST APIs to verify your edge site with continuous changes in infrastructure, platform etc.

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