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VoerEir is a member of Linux Foundation and Linux foundation Networking. We have representatives in the latter's "Compliance and Verification Comity" (CVC).

VoerEir’s prime focus is to work within OPNFV, for which our head in India Arif Khan has an ambassador role. Within OPNFV we contribute to OVP (OPNFV Verification Platform) and Yardstick, their working group for performance measurement.

This work gives us a unique position to do vendor independent NFVI Certifications as a service. VoerEir’s test system, Touchstone, is delivered with thousands of pre-integrated Test Cases. This includes Test Suites for both OpenStack and OPNFV Certification. These are used for our OpenSource community certification service. Touchstone also comes with pre-configured Test Suites to measure around 200 NFVI-KPIs.


Our test suites have been used for validating quite a few operators NFVI, coming from several different vendors. Based on this experience VoerEir has compiled an Industry Benchmark. In Touchstone, VoerEir has also configured a Test Suites for Robustness and Stability to secure that an NFVI is ready for serving as a telecom Platform in operation. VoerEir offers a service which Certifies, Benchmarks and Validates for operation readiness, an operator's NFVI.

It is this cloud infrastructure we call "Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure" (NFVI). NFVIs are today typically based OpenStack cloud management SW and KVM as hypervisors, eventually moving to Kubernetes and docker containers. An NFVI solution is a quite complex solution, containing SW from between 15 and 20 different Opensource communities, and HW from several different vendors. Solution integration is, therefore, a substantial task, and the resulting Infrastructures can have quite a significant variation both in functionality and performance characteristics.

This is done by connecting the NFVI to a local or remote installed Touchstone system and execute all these Test Suites. Included in the Service is also an investigation around found weaknesses. E.g., Deep analysis of test reports, Test Cases can be re-run with slightly changed parameters to better understand route cause to Bottlenecks, or, e.g., stochastically occurring disturbances influencing test results.

The result from the Service is a ~50 page report, showing all test results, pointing at possible root causes, and explaining potential impact for different kinds of VNFs

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