Our Customer Relationships

VoerEir works with multiple customers in Telco and IT, being Telco our main segment.

Our main customer is a Telco Tier-1 with operations in multiple European countries. They use our product for cloud testing and validation, Touchstone, in more than 20 Data Centers in 10 different countries. Touchstone is fully integrated in the continuous de ployment and integration (CD/CI) process for their Telco Cloud. This relationship last for several years.

We also serve several Telco Tier-1 customers in Europe with Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) model where we run audits of their Telco Cloud infrastructure to verify and optimize the infrastructure.

VoerEir has reselling agreements with Telco Tier-1 vendors that sell Touchstone to Telco Operators.

On the IT front our major customer is a Swedish public IT Cloud provider where we provide consulting services.

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